"Nathan is a gifted artist who is profoundly thoughtful and capable of feeling the rhythms of the moment. His peaceful and calming presence, along with his beautiful voice, allowed our audience to open fully to what they needed and to deeply receive." — Shari O'Loughlin, CEO, The Compassionate Friends

People today feel increasingly anxious and disconnected. They feel pressure to try harder, achieve more, and constantly focus on the future. But they long to come back to the present moment. To breathe. To rest.

I've spent the past decade exploring how to "come back," even in times of uncertainty. As a singer, I've studied breath in depth—how it fuels the voice and flows through the body. I've learned how life flows much in the same way—not as something to be controlled, but as something to be received and released.

Like breath, life flows through us.

The realization that life does not have to be effortful—that we can let go and trust the process—is a big shift requiring immense courage... and it is a crucial step for the continued growth of our culture today.

I am devoted to supporting this shift using every tool I've acquired: music, speaking, writing, and sensory explorations.

I don't script my talks or concerts; I experience them with the audience as we allow each moment to unfold. When a message moves from concept to experience, beyond our head and into our bones, it can never be forgotten.

The prevailing message today is that we aren't doing enough. That we aren't trying hard enough. That we aren't enough...

The exact opposite is true: we will find our life when we let it go, and realize—in our bones—that we already are what we're trying so hard to become. We don't have to try. We only have to let go, and receive.

You are already here. It's okay to breathe. To rest.

I am here to support this realization.

"I greatly appreciated Nathan's contribution to our annual conference. His musical talent, honesty, and caring spirit were just what people needed."
— Andy McNiel, Co-Founder and Executive Partner, The Satori Group

I am currently available for speaking engagements in 2024/25 and am excited to partner with you!