Today, don't try to live your life.
Instead, be a conduit through which life lives.

This subtle shift can change everything.

Your problems, your fears, your shame are no longer yours.
Neither are your victories, your reputation, your personality.

None of it is yours.
Yours to build.
Yours to maintain.
Yours to carry.

Let it go.
The real you is so much more than all of that heavy stuff.
And so much lighter.

You are a conduit through which life flows.
Your life—which is not really yours at all—is an expression of life.

You are an expression of life.
You are art. Music. Beauty. Creativity. Love.
You don't have to be these things because you are these things.

This is all very poetic to think about.
But I'm not asking you to think about it; I'm asking you to feel it.

Can you feel your body shift as you consider this?
There is nothing for you to win. Nothing to lose. Your reputation, your career, your story… none of it is really you.
Can you feel the weight falling off?
Let it go.

Look up and see who you really are.
There is nothing left to do.
You can just be, here and now. Complete.

Your victories, failures, accumulations of money, friends, social standing… they're all shadows—stories you've told yourself about who you are. Colorless, lifeless, fuzzy stories. They are not you. It's easier to watch your shadow than to really see yourself. Stop watching shadows. Move your attention closer. For ten seconds, stop reading this and pay full attention to your breath. Don't think about it; feel it… You are breathing. How much effort do you have to give it? Is it even you who is doing the breathing? Or are you being breathed?

Life is living through you. Expressing itself through you.

You are a beautiful expression of life.

The more you let go all of that weight,
The more open space you become for life's abundant flow.

Open the floodgates. 🌊

You Don't Have to Live Your Life

Life is Living Through You