Dear friends,

I’m working on a manifesto and would like your feedback. Would you mind reading this and letting me know if anything in particular (a) feels unclear or (b) resonates especially with you?

Interested in any thoughts that come to your mind. Thank you!


People in today's culture feel increasingly anxious and disconnected. They feel pressure to try harder, achieve more, to constantly focus on the future. But they long to rest—to come back to the present and feel connected and centered again. A pervasive fear keeps our culture stuck in a state of fight, flight, or freeze...

I've spent the past decade exploring how to "come back"—to feel present and connected again, even in times of uncertainty and upheaval. As a singer of 25 years, I have studied breath in depth—how it fuels the voice and flows through the body. Through a recent personal experience of profound loss, I learned how life flows much in the same way—not as something to be manipulated or achieved by us, but as something to be received and released; like breath, it flows through us. This connection has brought me healing in my grief, and a new freedom in life—I am learning that life does not have to feel effortful; we can let go and "trust the process." This is a major shift requiring immense courage... and it is crucial step for the continued growth of our culture today. This is why I am devoted to supporting people to make this shift. I do this using every tool I've acquired: music, speaking, writing, sensory explorations, and combinations of each. I don't script my talks or concerts; I take part in them with the audience as we invite each moment to unfold. These moments become more than inspiring thoughts; they become an experience. Once a message moves from thought to experience—beyond our head and into our bones—it can never be forgotten, available to us in every future moment. This shift can and will change us and our world for the better. And we are ready for this change.

...fear keeps us stuck. It tells us that we must achieve more, try harder, never slow down, or all will be lost. But the exact opposite is true: we find our life when we let it go, and realize—in our bones—that we are alive.

I am here to support this realization.

We're still here, we're breathing out, we're breathing in, we're alive.
And maybe life is still ahead.

Would like your feedback