Here’s what a great Spin Instructor does:

  1. They care about the environment. They make the lighting, the loudness of music, the temperature, available water, bike seat height, and anything else that might impact a client’s ability to ride, optimum. They don’t just ride their bike and expect others to follow.
  2. They lose themselves from time to time. You can tell that they love riding their bike. Sometimes it’s almost embarrassing how much they love it. But when you’re in their world, you’re less likely to make fun of them and more likely to see things they way they do, and lose yourself in it as well.
  3. They pay attention to the involvement of the group. You might get called out for being lazy or you might be praised for doing great. But you can be sure that you’re being watched. The Instructor is very obviously not just up there with her bike. She’s in the room, with the group.
  4. They measure success by group progress. I have no idea how many times per day a Spin instructor says the same thing or rides the same program. But a great one makes you understand that while they may love riding, it’s not a success unless the group is spent by the end. A sweaty instructor with a dry group is a failure.

I see many of these qualities lacking in most worship leaders, and really in church leaders as a whole.

Another note: The Spin Instructor has s small, ugly, smelly room. Cheap lighting. Cheaper (but loud) sound system. No team. Tiny stage. But what she lacks in gear and staff she makes up for in raw passion, conviction, leadership and guts. She can take a group of people and turn them into an army.

Worship leaders, put down your CCM or Relevant Magazine and go take a Spin class. And take notes.

Worship Leaders have a lot to learn from Spin Instructors