Worry has nothing to do with circumstance. There are people with everything who worry constantly and people with nothing, not even their health or safety, who have an impossible peace about them. When we worry we shouldn’t look at ourselves like we’re a victim to our circumstances. We should look at it like it is: we’re an addict. We’ve made the decision to worry enough times in a row that it’s now become our default mode of thinking. We’ve developed a habit of worry. And as much as we feel like we’d like not to worry, we’re the ones continually taking another bite - brooding on things which haven’t happened - imagining the worst case scenario. As long as we see ourselves as the victim, we’ll never take the necessary steps to develop the discipline to stop.

But just like any addict, we’re not hopeless. Circumstances can’t always be changed but a bad habit can always be broken.

Worry Is A Habit