Workshops, Retreats, Courses

For ten years I have studied and practiced voice, breathing, and movement techniques from great traditions such as AlexanderRodenbergLinklater, and Fitzmaurice. I have studied in particular how these practices relate to music, sound, human connection, and spiritual presence.

I periodically lead workshops, retreats, and teach courses to help us find connection through the breath and voice in singing, speaking, music and sound, songwriting, and leadership.

In my workshops, participants will learn to embrace the freedom that comes when each breath is allowed to be a moment of release and receptivity—the power of presence in singing, speaking, and daily life.

Public workshops will be listed here periodically. Reach out to book a private workshop for your group or community.

I also recently launched a masterclass called 'Setting the Table,' which teaches how to clear a path for genuine connection through audio technology. Find the course here.