It feels weird. Talking about myself and my life. I feel self conscious and egotistical.

But really, what else is there to talk about except to share our experience of life with each other? Any other topic and I’m just pontificating. The only thing I can talk about with any certainty is my experience of life, my life. My Self.

I now realize that we don’t hold it back out of humility. We hold it back out of fear of telling too much, or of representing ourselves poorly. Once my image is ruined in the eyes of others, it’s ruined in my own eyes. I personally am constantly afraid of appearing egotistical.

So instead we flood our culture with opinions and thoughts about things we’ll just change our minds about in a year. Just idle words and noise. Nothing real.

Our responsibility to each other as human beings is to share our humanity. Not our opinions, but our experience of life: our feelings, dreams, hopes, fears, victories, and failures. Not our theories, but our music, drawings, recipes, bright ideas, and decisions. These are real.

Talking about my Self. Sharing my experience of life. It’s not egotistical. It’s generous. Also very dangerous.

“Who are you to talk about yourself?” Who am I not to?

Who are you to talk about yourself?