Usually I like to post on stuff I know something about. Today I think I’ll post on something I know absolutely nothing about. ;)

A couple of weeks ago I spent the week with some friends and with a guy named Larry Crabb. The week was focused on spiritual direction. The experience was life changing and I’m sure it’ll work it’s way into a lot of what I write (blog and music) in the future, but right now I’m thinking a lot about the idea (and value) of emptiness.

It seems like most of our lives are spent avoiding it. Things to buy, things to do, Facebook, Twitter, arguments with our spouse, addictions, movies, church, reading, what we wear, hobbies, passions, mission statements… in a way, they all serve a single purpose. I’m not saying any of these things are bad, but I am questioning the way we use them. Particularly how we use them as a way to avoid emptiness.

What if emptiness is good?

What if something amazing happens in the midst of emptiness which can only happen in the midst of emptiness, and what if our endless pursuit to avoid emptiness then results in a lost opportunity to experience something that would have finally ended our search and satisfied our soul?

What if the thing we long for the most can only be experienced in the dark room we’ve spent our entire life avoiding?

I’m starting to believe this is true.

But I’ve spent 32yrs becoming professional at avoiding emptiness and the dark room - I can’t shut it off. I’m suffocating my own soul and my flesh won’t let me stop. Someone has to die.

I wonder how this will turn out.

What If Emptiness Is Good?