Wednesday March 18, 2015

Wednesday March 18, 2015

Olivia is 10wks today! She wasn’t supposed to live this long. She’s not supposed to live much longer, but here she is, breathing and loving and being loved.

She’s perfect and beautiful. Somehow, at the same time that she has zero to offer the world in the way of productivity and efficiency, her life holds so much meaning and everyone who meets her is changed. This is the power of a life untouched by the fear and expectations of man. We’ve allowed her to just be, so she is.

I believe this same pure identity, full of meaning and beauty and inefficiency, exists in every person. We’re just trying so hard to become someone that we never take the time to discover who we already are. Eventually we give up identity and settle for occupation. While occupation can tell us about who we are, it’s not who we are.

Olivia is Olivia. Her beauty comes from a *lack* of production. It’s the reason a tree is beautiful, or an ocean, or a blue sky. It’s what it is, and not what it’s not.

I want to see what happens when we stop trying to be someone and start discovering who we already are. No expectations for productivity and efficiency - just being what we are, and not what we’re not.

Beauty is in the space left unoccupied!