It’s so much easier for me to overwork - to spend what I don’t have of myself, going into emotional debt - than it is for me to allow time and space for personal renewal. “There’s no time for that. I’ll fall behind. We’ll run out of money.” Etc.

American culture’s addiction to spending money we don’t have is part of a bigger issue, part of which is also an addiction to spending *time and energy* we don’t have. There’s a fear behind all of it, of falling behind.

Living this way is exhausting. We’re always behind. Always in debt. Always trying to catch up. Unable to be truly generous (even in our giving, we’re taking). It isn’t really living at all.

We’re in debt. We don’t need to try harder. We don’t need to spend *more*. We need to do less, offer less, rest more, and build a consistent discipline of personal renewal.

If that makes us feel guilty then it’s time to change our mindset.

We have to tell ourselves the truth: Our aversion to personal renewal is not admirable - it’s irresponsible. If we continue with this pattern, we’ll eventually have nothing of value to offer. ’

Quote: “Sing off the interest, never the principal.” - Alison Meuth

Wednesday July 08, 2015