I sense an invitation for us — and not only for those of us who are explicitly "spiritual"...

We are being invited deeper.

From in our head
Into our body.

From in our head
Into our heart.

Invited deeper,
To experience being
Awake, and alive.

Invited deeper,
To experience life the way it is.

As I feel my own eyes begin to slowly open — as I begin to feel my whole body awaken — I also feel us, humanity, slowly awakening, together.

The sun is rising.
Dawn is here. 🌅

If this resonates with you (and if you are anything like me), your response might be to wonder what you can do to help this thing along...

You can't help the sun to rise.
There is nothing to do. But you can still be active in your being.
Our posture right now should not be about control, but about cooperation.

As the sun rises, we can be active in seeing its light.

As the ice melts, we can actively feel the growing warmth. The new movement. We can invite the change.
Knowing that change can be scary, we can choose to have courage, to slow down, and to trust the process.

We are being invited deeper

the sun is rising... dawn is here. 🌅