Masks-people believe masks will make us safe. Non-masks people believe masks don’t work, and create new problems. We all want things to be safe.

Vaccine-people believe vaccines will safe lives. Anti-vaccine people believe vaccines will cause even more deaths. We all want to save lives.

Democrats believe this set of decisions will lead to a healthy nation. Republicans believe a different set of decisions will make is healthy. We all want to be a healthy nation.

None of us is trying to make things worse!

None of us started all of this.

Not one of us wants to have to wear a mask.

None of us wants people to die.

We all want to be healthy. Happy. Alive.

We all want the same thing.

I wrote this song, “Masks,” for all of us. Regardless of what we believe, we all need to hear these words from each other… and we all can choose to say these words to each other, regardless of the current obstacles:

I believe every person — masked or not, vaccinated or not, democrat or republican — wants this kind of togetherness. If we want this, we are going to have to do some hard work. Part of that work will be to put down some of our opinions, even if we are 100% sure we are right. **Rightness doesn’t matter when it comes to wholeness.** It’s okay to disagree — we can still find each other, if we take our eyes off of our principles and look for each other’s heart.

We all want the same thing.