Yesterday was 4 months since Olivia died. Heather and I feel like we’ve disappeared from the earth. 😞 We obviously had to live in a different reality while she was here. Since she’s been gone it’s felt like we’re neither here nor there - we’re not with Olivia anymore, but we can’t go back to our way of life before her either. So we’re just sort of nowhere. Or it feels that way. But I think this “nowhere” is actually somewhere - maybe even somewhere infinitely important.

Our music is one way we’ve found to bring others into this place, wherever it is, with us. Thousands of you were a part of our journey while Olivia was here. Now that she’s gone, Heather and I are grieving not just the loss of Olivia, but the loss of the community she created. We feel alone. Many of you have expressed similar feelings from your end. So, please come be in this new place with us, in person, at one of our concerts (you can look them up on Hello Industry’s website or in our FB events). Or if you want to host a concert in your home, let me know. Maybe we’ll do an online streaming concert at some point for those of you who are far away. ?

I’m not sure how, but I feel like there must be a way to continue what began with Olivia. For all of us who were impacted by Olivia’s life, who found new perspective on life and living by coming in contact with her or her story- I don’t think her death was meant to be the end, but the beginning of something new.

Maybe life is still ahead… 🎈

Tuesday July 12, 2016