Why would anyone want to move inward if moving inward meant moving toward pain and darkness? I think it is because deep down we know there is more than just pain and darkness down there.

Yes, as we go deeper, eventually it will become dark. Don’t stop now! Deeper still, a light shines in the darkness. And there are two people there, talking together, working together on something very good. One of these people is you—the real you. The other is God. He is working to restore you, to heal you. The part of you He is restoring is not your goodness, your beauty, your strength—those have always been in tact. The part of you He is healing is your *hope*—hope that you are still good, hope that you are still beautiful, hope that you are strong.

The journey to this place is dark and yes, there is pain. But deep down we know that what we want more than anything is there also.

Distraction and busyness will always invite you to stay above your neck, in your head, safely away from your pain. But you have the power to let go of safety and move toward the thing you want the most.

Only a few will have the courage to take this journey, but for those who do, remember that you are not alone. There are two people waiting for you, just past the darkness… and not only them, but many more of us who are making the same journey. ❤️

Tuesday December 18, 2018