Here is a practical way to approach trust (faith) today, with time. Time is something we generally feel is ours and under our control. We can share it, allocate it, hoard it, manage it… but that is not reality. The reality is that we have zero control over time. Our attempts to feel like we do, with all our time-management strategies, are only a way to feel differently about our relationship to time, but none of our attempts do anything to change the fact. Time is not ours; it is not under our control. Attempting to control something which is not ours to control is the opposite of trust (faith). So today, explore letting go of the idea of controlling your time. Test the opposite of control. Explore trust in relation to time.

Some practical examples:

Take a walk at a point during the day when time seems more scarce, and take a walk twice as long as what you would normally take. Trust that you won’t actually “run out of time”, then seal that trust with action.

Engage in a conversation with your child about something they think is all-important and you think is silly - like legos or video games or princesses. Notice your flesh trying to pull you away from the conversation. Notice and allow that feeling, then disregard it and choose to engage deeper in the conversation, deciding to trust (to have faith) that time will not run out based on your decisions. Seal that trust with action.

Take a nap. Not a four minute power nap, but one without a timer. Let your body decide how long of a nap it needs. Trust that time will not run out while you sleep, and seal that trust (faith) with action.

Eat dinner as a family, without devices. Notice your flesh pulling you in other directions. Notice the hurry and the rush pulling at you. Notice them, invite them to stay, but let them stay on the side while you engage deeper at the table. Trust that time will not run out while you eat. Eat slowly and enjoy your food. Chew your food! Let your actions seal your trust (faith).

Engage in the details of your work instead of getting through the current step in order to be at the next step. Let your work be methodical and to take as much time as it wants. Let it progress slowly. Enjoy your work. Trust that while you let yourself engage in the details of what you’re doing that time will not run out; seal your trust (faith) with action.

Time and Trust