One of the most important and most difficult decisions we make every day is to choose the point of view from which we will see the day.

Every day, we can choose to approach and to see the day from a position of trust—of rest.

Or, we can allow ourselves to fall into whichever ruts have been forming over years and years of living without trusting—without rest.

If we’re honest, we find that not only is it easier to fall into the ruts, but we like it—it is more comfortable there.

As nice as it sounds to live from a posture of trust—to see the day from the point of view of rest—it is so difficult to do. Because of this discomfort, the uncertainty, the feeling of having to start over and over, our choice most day is to let ourselves fall into the ruts—to fall into the familiar point of view.

This daily choice affects our lives, and more significantly our experience of our lives, more than any of our circumstances.

This is huge because it puts the responsibility of the quality of every moment—of our life—into our own hands. It comes down to choices that we make—not that someone else is making.

On one hand this gives me great hope… On the other, it scares and frustrates me, because I just can’t seem to make a choice like that.

Maybe that’s where God comes in? Maybe God was never trying to save us by our circumstances—maybe God is saving us by the changing of our mind. How does that change my responsibility to cooperate with the work God is doing?

Just some thoughts.

Thursday September 20, 2018