Note to self:

My need to impress is immature and based in fear. Letting people in on the other hand is terrifying, but it’s not based in fear; it’s based in trust. Trust that people will get me, and if they don’t, I’m still ok.

When I perform, I shouldn’t be aiming for a certain response out of people. I should be aiming for a certain contribution to them. My contribution isn’t my ability as an artist; it’s my whole self, my story, my strengths and flaws, my humanity.

There aren’t enough human beings walking around anymore. Plenty of teachers and leaders and superstars to like and follow and organizations to join. Plenty of people leaving this church or joining that club. But on our most basic level, as human beings, we’re alone. We’re not sharing ourselves - only our product.

One of the greatest things we can offer right now is our humanity. It’s scarce. The supply is low. So the cost is high. And fear is waiting to stop us as soon as we try.

Thursday October 08, 2015