I think it would be a very helpful thing for us to recognize two related-but-separate battles we’re fighting right now as a culture: one is against sickness and death; the other is against Fear, or more specifically, against certain unhealthy reactions to Fear, which also lead to death.

These two issues, both of which can be considered to be at a “pandemic” level, are causing two separate sets of destruction. Both have the potential to wipe out a lot of beautiful life in our world.

We have to fight both of these battles.

Differentiating between the two enemies — clarifying which enemy we’re fighting at a given moment — will help us fight with a clear mind, and ultimately will lead to health and life and growth.

The habits we learn to change during this time, regarding sickness AND regarding Fear, will serve us for a very long time, if we engage both enemies intentionally.

Thursday March 12, 2020