Just turned 32. Here’s some stuff I learned while I was 31:

I’m not the main character of anyone else’s story. If I can get over feeling offended by this, I’ll save a lot of time and energy.

No one will work hard enough to accomplish my personal aspirations. If someone offers to do my work for me, they’re offering to delay my project.

Another year of things I thought were first priority but should have been put far behind quality time with family.

If my art or passion isn’t realized, its my fault. External circumstances are just what I use as an excuse to avoid the reality that (a) my art is no good or (b) I’m scared to do something that actually matters.

Investing in the process of impossible yet exciting projects is safer than investing in outcomes.

When someone is upset with me, it’s usually not about whatever it is they say it’s about. Therefore, reacting to their complaint is usually counter productive.

Things I Learned While 31