Sharing a beautiful picture with you today:

An infinite desert, spanning forever in front of us, into the future, and forever behind, into the past.

It's also infinite to the east and west.

A never-ending desert which spans infinitely across everywhere we are not.

There is no water there. None. There are mirages. Images about water. But nothing to actually drink. One's thirst can't be quenched by thoughts about water; only water itself can do that.

An infinite desert in all directions... but we are standing in water. Not just some water; all of it. It goes down forever. Infinitely deep. And we in it.

Ironically, the reason we search out in the desert is to find water, while the fact is that we are standing in an ocean of it.

The water is moving, and we are moving with it.

In fact, we can't not be in the water. So this picture is not about finding water. It's about receiving it.

We are living in the middle of another pandemic.

People are missing entire chunks of their life. Some are missing the whole thing. They're searching for water in the desert. Meanwhile, they're standing in an ocean.

Our world is set up to keep our attention in the desert. An industry of attention retention. Billions of dollars are literally being paid right now for our attention. Industry is stacked against us ever finding water.

But this picture is not about finding water. You can only be where you are. We are standing in it.

My calling in life is to draw our attention back to where we are.

I'm sharing this picture with you today as an invitation to come back.

The thing you want the most is here.

Take back your attention. Look up.

The sky above you is infinite. The ocean beneath you is infinite.

There is no way you can ever use up all that is here for you in this moment... and now in this one... and now in this one! You will never run out, as long as you are here.

And you are always here.

The thing you want the most is here

Look up!