This morning on my walk, I came around a corner to a clearing and the light of the sun struck me along with this thought:

The fear of "not enough" is like a society that is afraid of running out of the sun.

The sun is practically infinite. If, in however many thousands of years, the sun is going to burn out, we will see it coming, and by the time it's necessary we will come up with a way to move ourselves to another sun!

That point (if it ever comes) is so far away. By then (if ever), we will be in a completely different place, with wisdom and solutions we can’t even dream of today.

It's just completely impractical to even imagine the sun as a finite resource.

But what if, for whatever reason, we were to choose to believe that we were running out of the sun? Our experience would be that of running out of the sun, as if it were actually happening. Our body would take the form of someone who is running out of the sun—straining to grasp the light we have, conserving and hoarding it. Eventually, we would die from lack of sun.

We have the capacity to create scarcity amid infinite abundance.

Not just the idea of scarcity—the reality of it. Our belief about life becomes our experience of life. Our experience of life then becomes the atmosphere surrounding us and, eventually, our entire culture.

The cold and darkness of our dis-ease spreads across the entire world.

Meanwhile, our entire world is surrounded by blinding light.

Looking at my calendar or my bank account can sometimes make me feel like the sun is running out. I have spent much of my 43 years on earth feeling like time and money are running out. Yet here I am. I'm fine.

Has anyone else had this experience, with time, money, or some other resource?

Yet here we are again, certain that this time we really are just about to run out. The sun is just about to burn up, and we're all going to die!

Maybe we want, or need, to believe this. Why would that be?

"The sun is running out!"
No, it’s not.
You don’t have to believe that anymore.

The Sun is Not Running Out

Navigating the Fear of "Not Enough"