I’m convinced that the way to hear God’s voice isn’t by listening harder, but is by allowing for quiet and emptiness - the space where God speaks.

I’m also convinced that each of us has a trustworthy and valid voice inside us, the voice of our “true self”, and the way to hear that voice is the same.

I’m also becoming very aware that my subconscious will stop at nothing to avoid this space. This is making the idea of a “battle between flesh and spirit” inside me feel much more real to me than it did before: I need to hear God’s voice and my own internal voice in order to really live life the way I was meant to… I will do everything I can to avoid it.

We lose the battle when we allow ourselves to substitute living for a lifetime of frantically filling all quiet and emptiness. Look around us. Are we winning or losing the battle?

The Space Where God Speaks