For me today, my work is a battle. My battle today isn’t against obscurity, running out of money, “losing” somehow to far better artists. It’s not a battle against circumstance, mine or others’. For me today, my work is to fight a much more difficult battle than circumstance - my battle is against fear. Fear is the real enemy, and it has beat me most days of my life. But today I have an advantage: I know who I’m fighting. Fear itself has no power except the power I give it. I give it power when I listen to the “what-if”s and focus on circumstances like they are the real enemy, until I finally get in my own way so much that I do nothing at all - at least, nothing that actually matters (by the way, I bought a really cool new pickup for my guitar this week). We beat fear by not playing the game.

Will I waste another day today by playing the game with fear, or will I let go of my fear and do the things I know I have to do?

What would it look like to let go of my fear? If my fear was gone, what would I do next? The thing that comes to mind is never a surprise. Winning the battle today is to do that thing.

The Real Battle