It’s easy to fall into the rut of an experience of life that is broken — only seeing what is "wrong" with the world, with others, and with ourselves. This perspective can feel  wise and responsible instead of what it really is: a habit. A pretty unhelpful habit.

It’s also possible to cultivate an experience of life that is wonderful.

Life is broken. And life is wonderful. Either can be true, depending on where we look.

It's so important for us to take responsibility for our focus and our thoughts. This is hard work and takes practice.

Our "practice room" — is our mindset.

Changing our mindset can feel like trying to lift our own body off of the ground. It feels impossible! But once we realize that the heavy lifting is already being done for us, we see that our practice is not about effort but about letting go.

The habit of experiencing a wonderful life

Our practice room is our mindset