You have a power flowing through you that can mend broken things, broken people, and broken nations. The place from which you have access to this power is here, on this pinpoint of time, space, and yourself — at the center of your being.

Here and now — a pinpoint in space and time. It's moving at the speed of light. It would be impossible to find, let alone catch, if it weren't for the fact that it is part of our very being. Because of this, we can never be separated from it… but we can be distracted. A life can pass, un-lived, due to this distraction.

It’s so easy to be distracted. Distracted by (our projection of) the future or (our memory of) the past. Distracted by any other place than here. By any other life than our own. Yet, everything we want is here. Everything we have to offer to others. Everything others have for us. Everything we want is here. Everything.

If it were someone’s job to distract us from the present — from ourselves, from each other, and from our life — they would be doing a great job. There is a strong system in place to support a distracted life.

But I feel a crack in the ice. The beginning of a thaw. This thing I'm writing right now is evidence of thawing in me; you reading this right now evidence of thawing in you. Many of us are awakening. And I feel a tremendous flow — a powerful Current of healing, hope, and love — just beneath the surface of this rapidly thinning layer of ice that we have been taught is our foundation. This is not our foundation.

We were not made to sit on-ice, our bodies and minds slowed to an almost-dead sleep. We were made to swim with the Current. We were made to fly.

Wake up. Remember who you are.

We are on our way to finding our center.

The Great Thaw of 2023

We are on our way to finding our center