Today, what would it be like to intentionally focus on what is working and exciting?

Every moment — every still frame of our life — has contrast. Dark and light. That's what gives it definition. Character. Beauty.

The goal is not to remove or ignore the darker parts of the picture. That would remove the beauty. Let it remain.

The goal is simply to zoom out — to see the whole picture, including the light.

And there is a lot of light. I know it can feel completely dark at times. It is not completely dark. It is only our perspective. There is light all around. Bright light. At any point, we can look up and let it in.

But not to swing the pendulum so we only see the light parts (I think many of us fear that this is what would happen if we were to stop focusing on the darker parts — the broken or "wrong" parts — but for most of us, including you, that is not even a threat or a possibility)... just to take in the light as well as the dark.

The thing is, when we take in the light parts of a picture, the dark parts do seem to fade away. Don't worry that you're going to become naive. You'll still see the darkness perfectly well. You'll just be seeing it in context. You'll see the beautiful contrast. And, in fact, the light will appear even more bright in contrast with the dark. It's beautiful.

Not easy. Not comfortable. Beautiful.

Right now, you don't need help taking in the dark parts of the picture. You need practice letting in the light.

I suggest practicing right now in a completely literal way... Look up. There is light where you are. Let it in. Let it in more. This is no different than doing the same thing in your life. With your thoughts. Just a different medium. Practice with one will make you better at the other. Take a walk outside. Practice letting in the light. The sky is really big. It's always there. Even in complete cloud cover, there is an incomprehensible amount of light. Always there. Always available. Practice seeing it. Looking up. Letting in the light. Then look all around. But let the light stay part of the picture. Now try this with your thoughts.

The beautiful contrast of life

practicing seeing the whole picture