An opportunity in COVID—

Much of our focus is on staying safe, keeping COVID away, which makes sense. But this is largely a reactive response. “How can I keep from getting COVID?” …and then, despite our best efforts, we test positive.

What about a proactive response? “What can I do now, so that if I get COVID I am strong and ready to fight?”

Reactive responses like social distancing, quarantining, shut-downs are important and necessary steps. We need to get better as a country at coordinating these efforts as a unit.

But, there is a bigger opportunity in these shut-downs: the pandemic is creating space we didn’t have before—space which we can use for more than just consuming more food and Netflix and news feeds… we can use this space to take care of and strengthen ourselves in ways we have been putting off long before COVID was a thing.

Instead of only encouraging each other as a culture to stay home, let’s push each other a little further:

While you are home, care for yourself in ways which make you a healthier, stronger person: exercise daily; eat healthy, alive foods; take long walks; find a less stressful work-rhythm; breathe; play; seek counseling for navigating mental and emotional wounds (we all have them); sleep more. These all build our immune systems, so that if COVID or any other sickness attack, we’re more likely to live.

I’m not talking about what we did at the beginning of COVID. We took it easy for like 3 weeks. We watched more Netflix. Then we found ways to get just as busy and stressed as we were using technology. I’m talking about building new rhythms which make us healthier people for the rest of our lives.

COVID can make us stronger, better fighters—healthier physically and emotionally—*if* we use the opportunity it provides… if we act proactively, strengthening ourselves—not only for fighting COVID, but for fighting countless other battles which are on the horizon for each of us.

In life there are always battles to fight. We can become warriors—strong and ready, healthy and awake… alive.

I am calling out to anyone reading this to use this season as a time to become stronger and healthier, not just for hiding and hoping COVID won’t find you.

Reactive responses may keep us from getting COVID, or they may just prolong things. And even if we do dodge the COVID bullet, is this the last disease we’ll have to fight?

What about cancer? Heart disease? Depression? Suicide?

These shut-downs and quarantines don’t have to be only an inconvenience. This is an opportunity for us to grow.

Now is the time to invest in ourselves—to *ready* ourselves rather than just hiding ourselves.

We can be STRONGER through this.

Sunday November 22, 2020