Dear music community, this is obviously a difficult time for all of us. While we do our part to slow the spread, our community is in dire need of human connection and music and art.

I’m the first to point out the value of sharing a physical space, but while that is not possible there are plenty of other ways to connect through music.

Many of you are musicians. Almost all of you have the ability to stream video… please do that.

Don’t wait for it to be good. Don’t worry about lighting. No edits. Don’t polish it. Just go live or hit record and share your Voice with us.

This is good for you, and also a way for you to support your community, which is crucial right now.

Let’s fill the “airwaves” with music — and while we’re at it, let’s fill our music with ourselves: “me, just I am, where I am.” This can be delivered in a song you wrote, a cover, or instrumental music — if you decide you give yourself it will be beautiful and it will help.

We need your music.

We need your humanity.

Sunday March 15, 2020