I think when people hear “moving inward” they assume it means shutting out the outside world… I’m learning that it might be the exact opposite. It may be that our *only* way of truly connecting with our world and with each other is to first come back to where we are:

To do some letting go. Some accepting of where I am and of who I am, what I’m like, my faults, my strengths, my failures, my successes… ALL OF IT. To be with this complex person who I’ve become and to appreciate him, faults and all. To trust that I am beautifully made. To trust that my life is on a path and that it is going to be okay, even when it isn’t. To allow myself to breathe and to just *be* and to trust the controlling of things to God—to the Current…

And from *that* place, look up and receive the gaze or the words or the touch of a friend.

What a scary, vulnerable thing to do. Why? Because anything could happen at that point, and we wouldn’t be braced for it—we would be unprotected. And that is exactly why it could be so amazingly beautiful—anything could happen.

Sunday January 20, 2019