Reflections after a weekend with bereaved parents, grandparents, and siblings from all over the world…

1. Even death serves life. These people are not behind; they’re ahead. They are growing in ways all of humanity needs to, and is going to, grow. They often feel behind, damaged, dysfunctional, alien… but they are at the front of a movement toward deeper presence, connection, and fleshy-heartedness. That being said, they need a lot of support, and I was so honored to offer that to them this weekend.

2. My sense is that whatever healing and growing that was happening here is also available to the entire world right now. These people were open because of their grief. I (and other speakers) didn’t say anything new — we only helped them find a sense of the healing water that is available to them. When they began to soften towards it, they began to receive. The rest of the world is also open, in an unprecedented way, right now.

I salute this community, and others like it, for continuing to breathe, to live, to take steps, however slow or wobbly, toward each other, toward healing, toward the light.

We typically picture a certain “type” when we think of “leader,” but we’re usually just thinking of managers. Today’s world does not need managers. Life has become unmanageable. Todays world needs leaders, in the purest sense of the word: the ones who will go first.

If any of the participants are reading this… Thank you for going first. For doing the hard work set before you. I know you didn’t ask for this work. And maybe it’s not fair, or even humane, for you to have to walk this path. But here you are. And your work is nonetheless crucial — for you, for your family, and for our world. You are not behind; you are exactly where you need to be. And you are doing *great*!

And a deep thanks to The Compassionate Friends for providing the space and support needed for these people to do this work. You are changing the world.

Sunday August 07, 2022