These are a few of the resources I have found most helpful in my work as an artist and as a human being:

Voice and Body Teaching

Saul Kotzubei — My voice and work coach, and friend of many years

Alison Meuth — My singing coach, a world-class opera singer, another good friend

Alexander Technique

Tim Senesi Yoga — I've used Tim's channel for 8 years to deepen my yoga practice

Books About Voice, Singing, and Being

Freeing the Natural Voice, Kristin Linklater

The Right to Speak, Patsy Rodenburg

The Second Circle, Patsy Rodenburg

The Actor Speaks, Patsy Rodenburg

Voice and the Alexander Technique, Jane Heirich

Indirect Procedures, Pedro de Alcantara

Let Your Life Speak, Parker Palmer

My Favorite Gear for Music

AEA Microphones

Coles Microphones

Metric Halo Interfaces

Illinois Artists and Artisans

These are makers in Peoria who I am inspired by. They not only make a thing, but they put their whole Self into what they make. They put themselves on the line for the love of art and others.

Tim Barnes, International Association For Refugees
Tim travels the world, spending time face-to-face with people who have been displaced — people who have no place to call home.

Tom Sander, Sander Piano Service
Tom tunes, restores, maintains, and cares for pianos like they are people. (We trust only Tom with our beautiful hand-made Petrof.)

Jimmy Bridgeman, Rock Solid Studio
Jimmy started and runs a recording studio in Peoria. Recent clients include Josiah Williams and Cirque Du Soleil.

Geoff Mills, Encouraging Insights from a Semi-Sociable Engineer
Geoff is a communicator who helps people forge peace across lines of difference.

Sarah Marie Dillard, Sarah and the Underground
Sarah is a singer-songwriter and is active in supporting Peoria's Music Community.

Lizz Barnes, Ear in the Envelope
Lizz owns and runs an art supply company in Peoria which serves as a haven and inspiration for many artists.

Mike and Banu Hatfield, Zion Coffee Co
Mike and Banu created a clean and modern coffee shop in Peoria with a mission to advance the lives of small coffee farmers in South America.

Sarah Marie Dillard and Brandon Mooberry, Underground School of Sound
Sarah and Brandon started a school for musicians, actively participating in the emergence and growth of the Music Community in Peoria.

Hugh Higgins, Hearth Restaurant
Hugh is a whiskey-artist! Go to Hearth, order a whiskey flight, and specifically ask Hugh to come teach you something about the whiskeys you're drinking. It is a truly wonderful experience.

Jessica Peterson, visual artist
Jessica is my sister. She is a visual artist, working in film, photo, sculpture, charcoal, paint, and other mediums.

Anne Peterson, writer
Anne is my mom. She's been writing as long as I can remember. I have childhood memories of loading the car and setting up her stuff at craft fairs. She has published many books and hundreds of poems.

Cyd Henrikson, Cyd's
Cyd makes food-art. When Heather and I want to really enjoy the taste of food, Cyd's is one of the first places we think to go.

Jake Hamann, Peoria Innovation Alliance
Jake is a business, innovation, and community proponent in Peoria. He is the founder and executive director of Peoria Innovation Alliance.

Sara Skolaski, The Spot
Sara started and owns a cafe in Peoria, serving locally-roasted coffee, gourmet tea, and locally-made baked goods.

Casey Baldovin, Baldovin Construction
Casey operates an innovative construction and development company in Peoria.

Michy Maloof, Sculpt Mode Fitness
Michy started a strength, cardio, mobility, and nutritional training facility in Peoria.

Seth Hodel, motion graphics designer
Seth is freelance motion graphics designer in Peoria.

Seth Lowe, photographer and director
Seth is a commercial photographer and director in Peoria.

Chris Marchand, writer, podcaster, musician
Chris owns Post Consumer Reports, a podcast about art and faith. He published a book, Celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas, in 2019. And he has released several music albums.

Blair Jeffers, Rabil Illustration
Blair is a visual artist, owns Rabil Illustration, and runs the Emerging Artist Collective in Peoria.

Kimberly Weber, writer and speaker
Kimberly writes and teaches about inner healing and spiritual health, and is a founder of Sparkling Brooks Ministries.

Ben and Sarah Mitzelfelt, Just Bee Cosmetics
Ben and Sarah started a cosmetics company, creating small-batch, natural cosmetics.

Joel Dryden, Stage 2 Redo
Joel is restoring one of Peoria's oldest music venues.

Deb Opyd, Relics
Deb started Relics, a unique and whimsical little gift shop in Peoria.

Kim Blickenstaff, KDB Group
Kim has strategically bought and restored several key spaces in Peoria, preserving Peoria's historic artistic essence, and making way for a new generation of artists to emerge from Peoria.

A Few of My Favorite Music Makers

Heather Peterson

James Ross (The Whole Sky)

Alec Watson (DPCD)

Michael Peterson (my dad)

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