Here are some of the presentations I offer. Reach out for booking or questions.

Together Again: an exploration of presence and togetherness

Attendees will be supported in slowing down, allowing their nervous system to calm, and using their physical senses to find connection in the present moment with themselves, others, and life all around them.

As a standalone event, this is a way to support people where they are today, on a human level. Placed toward the start of an event or conference, this can be a powerful, hopeful way to bring people together and make it easier for them to fully engage with your event.

Songs may include: Marathon, So Am I, Masks

Dancing with Olivia: lessons from the life and death of my beautiful daughter

I share my story as the father of a terminal daughter who taught me how to live. I share my experience of learning to be present, and stay present before her birth, during her 14-month life, and even in grief after her passing.

Together, we explore the power of choosing to be with the uncertainty and excitement of what is rather than looking for a feeling of control over what will be.

Songs may include: Olivia, So Am I, Inch of Water