There is no way one entire political party is right and the other is completely wrong.

As long as we look at things—and ourselves—from the viewpoint of two opposing parties, one right and one wrong, we will have to close our eyes to some truth.

Closing our eyes to truth is not something we can afford to do right now.

I have such a deep longing to see us made whole—as humans, as a culture, as a human race. The way we are approaching politics right now, identifying ourselves as “one or the other,” is making that wholeness impossible.

Politics can be helpful. Political parties can be useful for us as a nation. It’s the way we are identifying with them that is unhealthy:

This country, and humanity, is not a sport. Political parties are not teams. Life is not a game.

“Democrat” and“Republican” are tools for us to use in order to build something beautiful and good—to work toward wholeness. We are not tools to be used for their purposes. We are not team members. The team is us — humans. Not just half of us. All of us.

There is so much beauty and wisdom to be enjoyed from people who are all over the full spectrum of politics, genders, races, humanity. Without all of us, we can never be whole. Political parties can be tools to pursue wholeness, if we use them with that intention. If we do not, they are likely instead to use us as tools for the exact opposite.