As soon as we decide we know, we cease interaction with the living world.

This applies everywhere:

As soon as we decide we know our child, we freeze the child in time and begin interacting with an idea of them.

As soon as we decide we know who we are, we cease interacting with the real "me" — a person who is emerging from day one to their final breath.

As soon as we decide we know God, we cease interaction with the Living God—who is always moving, always revealing new facets. We are interacting with an idea of God… a shadow of the real thing.

It feels more safe to decide that we know. But that depends on your definition of "safe." If "safe" is not having to constantly not know, then deciding we know is more safe. But if your goal is truth, if it is to be alive no matter what, if it is to be truly connected to others, to God, to yourself, to life the way it really is, then knowing is not an option. Not-knowing is the path which leads to life. Letting go of that lie—that we can know—is required for living, connecting, and truly loving.

Then what is the role of faith?

Faith does not mean knowing. Faith requires not knowing by definition. Faith is not a way for us to avoid the discomfort of not knowing. It is a way for us to rest and to be able to take forward steps with confidence while not knowing. Not confidence in facts, but confidence in each other, and in ourselves.  I believe in you. I believe that your heart wants to do the right thing. I believe you'll figure this out. I believe in you! I don't know. But I choose confidence, because I'd rather live a life where I believe in others, believe in God, and believe in myself than the alternative. That may sound weak to some. But to me, that feels like true strength. Being dogmatic is not strength. Being confident amidst infinite unknowable variables is.

And that's the truth: life is infinitely unknowable. It's a mystery.

And that's what makes it beautiful, exciting, wonderful. But if we want to interact with THAT Life, we have to let go of what we think we know.

We can trade our knowing for curiosity. Exploration. Acceptance. Appreciation.