So... today I’m announcing my new website. I haven’t “announced a new website” in a while, and I feel a little silly doing so, but I can feel that sharing this is part of my learning to walk again. You’ll notice my albums, books, and concerts, but I’ve added a couple of other things I’m beginning to explore: workshops, private coaching, and speaking. At first, I was afraid to offer these things because I don’t want to take away energy from my music and writing work. But I’m realizing two things: (1) I’m beginning to have more energy than I’ve had the past several years — maybe ever (I’ll explain that below), and (2) these are just ways for me to pass on what I’m learning, and I’ve always felt that I haven’t learned something completely until I’ve passed it on — so it is a way for me to support others in their work, but it is also good for me, and those two thoughts have eased my fear. On the extra energy: I’m learning the importance of finding ways forward which are nutritive for me. By “nutritive” I mean that it actually feels good to me, emotionally and physically, as I do it. Years ago, I would have felt that is a selfish way to make decisions; now I feel it is the only way to be truly generous, because as much as I would like to ignore my body’s signals and give even when it hurts me, my whole Self will never fully agree, and even though my giving costs me much, I won’t be giving nearly as much as I could if I was giving my whole Self. In order to give my whole Self to others, I have to find a way to give which is nutritive — which actually feels good emotionally and physically — to me. That is not only generous to others, but it is generous to myself. And that leads to a very interesting — potentially life-changing — realization: If I want to live a generous life toward others, I must first begin to be generous toward myself. Such a beautiful and freeing thought.