As fathers, much of the work we do is unseen. It happens in the heart, and off the grid. As fathers, our heart is to take care of our family. For better or for worse, this intention is embedded in everything we do. We carry anxiety about the well-being of them. We feel the weight of responsibility for their needs to be met... for their wants to be satisfied.

It's confusing being a father. We have many faulty examples from the past couple of centuries of what it looks like for a man to express love. We're being measured by differing standards. How can I be strong while also being tender and caring? Over the past few generations, the picture of a "good father", let alone a good man, has changed many times over.

From one father another, I honor you today. I want to tell you that I know your heart is for your family. I recognize the work it's taking you to find your way as a father, often without a map. Your efforts will impact lives for generations. Your failures are just a part of it — they show that you're moving... they show that you're trying. Your successes are sometimes — maybe often — unseen, but each success sticks. When you move your hand, things change. You are not weightless. Your voice is powerful. And regardless of where things stand today, your family needs you and wants you.

Happy Father's Day.