Handling Covid, social and political divides, and natural disasters has been a major focus for the past year (for good reason).

There is another battle raging which is going very unnoticed, to our detriment.

I see a huge opportunity for us, to focus also on how we handle Fear.

This is something you and I can work on today.

Start simply by noticing: when does Fear show up for me? where in my body do I feel it? is there a thought pattern that opens a door for it?

I believe it is one of our most important battles—not to get rid of Fear, but to access the power we have been given to not be controlled by it anymore.

Fear (or our handling of it) is as much of a pandemic as Covid or hate. But Fear is very good at disguise.

You and I can take huge ground today, simply by noticing. Fear becomes much easier to handle when it is exposed.