When we wake up in the morning and Fear already has a hold around our neck, we can choose to take a step to the side of the problems filling our view. Then we can ask a question like, “what do I need right now?” We can choose to be gentle and caring with ourselves. We can take 30 minutes to exercise, or stretch, or drink a coffee and enjoy the taste. We can choose to *breathe*. This is the breath Fear was trying to take from us when we awoke.

The problem moments ago wasn’t the circumstances filling our view. The problem was our perspective. No need to feel bad about that — Fear just got up a little earlier than we did today. But now that we have our perspective back — now that we’re breathing again — we can choose to see the whole picture. And while Fear hasn’t gone anywhere, and while our circumstances haven’t changed, our strength is there, and it is sufficient.

We are stronger than we realize. We just need to know where our strength comes from.

our strength