Organizing our thoughts is kind of like trying to organize the clouds; the more we try to put this one here and that one there, to categorize this one as this and that one as that, the more cloudy everything gets.

No matter how sophisticated our methods for organizing, categorizing, or judging our thoughts, it always seems to end with confusion. In trying to control our thoughts, all we really end up doing is to keep them around. We begin to feel weighed down. We lose touch with the sun — our source of life, energy, and hope.

Just let your thoughts go.

Notice them. Appreciate them. And let them go.

If a thought inspires excitement, great. If a thought triggers fear, fine. Just like the clouds, thoughts come, and then they go. It's not natural for them to stay. So let them go. Then, come back to where you are.

Here, where you are there are no clouds. Here is where life is happening. Clouds are up there. They can slightly change our perspective momentarily, but then they are gone. The same is true with thoughts.

Thoughts are not real. They come, and then they go. They never actually happened except in our imagination. So let them come and let them go, continuously coming back to where you really are.

I grew up believing that thoughts were my life — they were how I lived and breathed and interacted with the world. My daughter Olivia never had the capacity to form a thought. Yet, she lived and breathed and interacted with the world around her... FULLY. She was fully present and fully herself. She didn't need to form or control or organize thoughts to be fully alive.

Your mind may be overcast with thoughts right now. You can't make them leave. But you can hold onto them. Let them go. Then come back to where you are. When you do this, you may notice a deep breath comes and fills your body. Welcome back.

Organizing Our Thoughts is Like Trying to Control the Clouds

Let them go