Today I’m excited to release my newest single, “Don’t Rush To Get Up”:

It is a picture of a man who has found himself on the floor, destroyed—just a pile of parts on the ground, unable to move, overwhelmed with pain and with shame for not just getting up and being great again.

This is such a crucial point for every one of us, and I’m afraid the message we receive from the outside world usually has something to do with getting through it quickly. This is not what we need.

There is no need to get up and be great—we can be great from right where we are.

There is no need for finding joy and silver linings—joy is a wave which will come on its own in its own time.

There is no need to find healing—healing will find us… if we will only become still.

The need is for stillness. Quiet. Trust. As I have heard Dr Larry Crabb say, “let your emptiness remain.”

Don’t rush to get up.

The song is available today on all the major streaming sites as well as directly from my Bandcamp page:

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

New Single Today!