My first big in-person gig since 2020, aaaand I came home with covid. I made it 29 months. :| It’s okay. I’m feeling much better. Today is day 6. There were some hard days this week, but I’m improving steadily. Getting lots of rest. Drinking lots of water. I took a  walk today. (Until this week, I don’t remember the last day I missed a walk.)

I have had time to work on my Ukulele playing.

One thing I noticed this week: when I was able to remember that discomfort was part of it, it wasn’t nearly as bad. I think much of the pain we experience in life is actually  the pain we introduce by bracing against things we don’t want. This week was a good reminder to let go and trust the process.

I’m feeling my energy return and feeling a little stir crazy, but trying to remember to ease back in slowly. What a strange week it’s been!

Also, you may notice the newsletter looks a little different. I’m trying out a new platform called Substack. (In case you’re curious,) I’m doing this because: (1) I hate using mailchimp and I’d like to enjoy writing my newsletter, not hate it; (2) Substack allows me to charge for certain posts — I’m not sure if or when I will, and I’ll never pressure you to pay, but as an independent artist it’s good to explore ways to allow others to pay for my work; (3) I’m tired of social media — I don’t feel like I’m sharing with real people when I share there; I feel I’m sharing with a greedy algorithm who may or may not show my work to real humans depending on what kind of day it’s having — but I do like to share my process, and I love the non-algorithmy-ness of email, so I want to try focusing my process-sharing energy here, and the algorithm can have a copy of it with which to do as it pleases. We’ll see how it goes. We may be back on mailchimp in a week. Let me know your experience — good bad whatever.


My time with covid

after 29 months...