I write songs about life, loss, grief, healing, faith, and hope.


My newest single release.
I wrote it in the thick of Covid.
It’s not a pro or anti statement; it’s a song about being here for each other.

My two solo albums were recorded during and after the life of our beautiful 4th child, Olivia.

Dance Again

My latest solo album.
It contains songs about grief, darkness, anger, healing, and hope... my most intimate writing to date.

So Am I

My debut solo album.
4 songs about living with uncertainty, fear, and miracles. I wrote this album during my daughter Olivia's life—she was not supposed to survive birth, but lived 14 months and changed our view of life forever.

In 1999 I started the rock band Hello Industry. We toured together for 18 years, released four albums — Matter, MaryAnn, Fooled, a collection of songs about identity and finding your Voice — and spanned several music genres including rock, alternative, folk, worship, electronic, and classical.


My latest rock album.
It's is about wrestling through fear and insecurity to discover our intrinsic value as human beings.


My sophomore rock album.
Songs about finding our identity.


My very first album.
Recorded with my band Hello Industry in 2006.