Dear Friends,

Last time I made this post, everything took a left turn (a very good left turn, but a hard one), and I think that may be why I’ve waited so long to make this post…

On Tuesday we are moving to Chicago! This was the plan before Olivia was born, and we are finally ready again to take this step.

Peoria has been our home for over 18 years. Most of our close friends and my parents and sister are here. Olivia’s body is buried in this soil. This house has seen the birth and growth of every one of our children… the entire life of one of them. Despite the many years I’ve said I’m ready to move, it’s difficult to say goodbye to Peoria. But, amidst some sadness and anxiety about leaving, I am feeling so much excitement about what is to come!

Peoria friends and community, thank you for your friendship, your love, and your support for so many years. Chicago is not far away! Please keep in touch, please come visit, and we will be back to visit as well. <3

We appreciate your thoughts and prayers, for our family and for our music careers, as we take these next steps. My sense is that very good things are on the horizon, for all of us. Like the dawn. It’s been a dark night, but morning is coming. So excited to be awake and alive, and to support our world in the same!!

Moving to Chicago