You keep moving. Forward. Only you know which way is forward, but the part of you that knows - it *really* knows. That tiredness and deadness you feel - it’s not from the hard path, though the path is definitely hard, it’s from the exhausting talking and bargaining you do with yourself.

Stop talking and start moving. Then feel your strength emerge as resistance hits you with everything. Feel the concussions, feel the fire and the bullets, feel your arm fall off, and smile as you keep moving because now you know - *you know (!!)* - the battle isn’t the path, it’s not the situation, it’s behind you, in the chair where you sat for years wondering which direction you should go.

Feel your strength, the same strength that raised Jesus from the dead, now powering you, and smile and keep moving because *this* is life, *this* is living. Plenty of pain and opposition and discomfort and lost limbs - but you were never meant to make it to the finish fully in tact and in control.

Thank God for the day we drag our nearly destroyed, totally spent, but full-of-life bodies across the finish line.

“For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against the evil of the unseen world.”

Say it with me as I struggle to get the words out of my own mouth:

***We will not be shut down***.

Monday June 22, 2015