People keep thanking us for sharing our journey. They keep telling us how strong we are. I’m thankful for the encouragements and I do agree that God has made us strong for this. BUT, I think it’s easy to overlook the crowd of friends and family and even many strangers who have surrounded us. So I have a couple thoughts:

1. We’re strong at times and weak other times. But as a community surrounding Olivia and the idea she brings (that beauty is more valuable than efficiency) we are very strong. The strength you’re seeing in us is likely the strength of our community, which you’re likely a part of.

2. This isn’t just our story. Olivia isn’t just ours. I feel like she is and if you try to touch her I’ll probably attack you :), but deep down we know she belongs to God and her story is all of our story and her life is for all of us. Furthermore, I believe the same is true for all of our lives. I don’t own my children. I don’t own my self. I’m responsible, but not in possession. There’s a big difference, especially when it comes to how we view sharing our lives with each other.

Monday August 10, 2015