Every morning I wake up to the same question: Will I give or will I hide?

Giving for me looks like sharing what I’m thinking and feeling through songs and writing. It looks like offering help to my wife with our family, without trying to take over. It looks like saying “no” to requests that would make me feel good but wouldn’t be me. It looks like allowing time for practicing, learning, exercising. Not rushing. Not panicking.

Hiding for me looks like obsessing over the things people are thinking about me. It looks like doing work that looks good but doesn’t cost me anything emotionally. It looks like pouring myself into *how* I will do things. It looks like endlessly evaluating my motives. It looks like crafting the perfect plan and getting people I respect to sign off on it.

I’m so tempted to hide. I hold onto a lot of fear. But I’d like to say something to my fear that I think is worth saying publicly: I will never quit. ;)

I’m not sharing this for affirmation. I’m sharing this because I hope it’ll cause someone else to ask these questions: What does it look like to give today? What does hiding look like? What will you do?

Monday April 27, 2015