For those who were wondering, here’s an update on our home mold situation…

I’ve been sick for like 10yrs. My family’s also been sick more often than what’s normal. We had just gotten used to it. A year ago I had my tonsils taken out hoping that would give me better voice health for touring. The tonsils were always swollen and sore. The Dr who took them out said they were covered with scar tissue from all the infection. So it was good to take them out. But for the past year I’ve now been experiencing chronic dry throat, sinus congestion, nasal drip, and loss of voice. Not really what I had in mind. I was tested for allergies and it turns out I’m allergic to mold. That’s what got us wondering if we had mold in our home.

We hired a mold inspection company who uses dogs trained to find mold. Probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Sure enough, the entire perimeter of our basement is covered with mold. It looks like efflorescence, so I never suspected it was mold. They tested the air and basically our basement is the equivalent of 2x the worse allergy season. Our upstairs was bad too, but not nearly as bad. Because I work in the basement (studio and office are down there), I’ve been living in a constant state of allergic reaction for like 10yrs. Not good for my health, especially my voice.

We hired a company to remediate the mold issue this weekend. They’ll be in our house for the next 3-5 days, scraping, vacuuming, spraying, dusting, and painting. Then they’ll test again and make sure the air is clean.

While I wish I could have known and fixed this 10yrs ago, I feel like the timing in some ways is good. For the next stage of our lives, we need to be healthy and I need my voice to be strong and dependable. This was a good reminder for me: Our family and home and health are the foundation on which we build our lives. Neglect those, and eventually everything will come crashing down.

Between remediating the mold problem, some visits with an ENT and Allergist, and starting training with a voice coach, I expect my voice to be better than it’s ever been by the end of this year. It’ll be a lot of work for the next few months, but I’m excited to get writing and singing again!

Thanks for your love and support!