Maybe it’s not a wall you’re hitting. A wall implies that circumstances are against you, and your only option for moving forward is force and pain. Maybe it’s a river. The “wall” is an imaginary defense against the blood-curdling thought of stepping into a river, where the current takes control and you go where it tells you. A wall is more convenient. It’s an excuse for giving up, or for working non-stop to knock down a wall you know isn’t going anywhere. In any case, you’re in control. And nothing changes. But if you stop imagining the wall and step into the river, everything changes.

We’ll imagine the wall and let it remain our excuse until the day the pain of pretending outweighs our fear of losing control. Then we step into the river and the next chapter begins, which brings a whole new set of challenges. But at least we’re living again.

The way forward isn’t by force. It’s by letting go.

Maybe it's not a wall you're hitting