When something is uncomfortable, it's easy to make it bigger. And bigger. And bigger. So big that it seems as if it is all there is.

We can be pinned down to the ground by something which began as a grain of sand, but now seems like a mountain.

We can't move. We can't breathe.

When a mountain is pinning you down, and you can't move or breathe, it makes sense to give that mountain all of your attention. In that moment, the mountain really is all there is.

And sometimes this is a helpful response to trouble. If there is an angry bear in the room, my focus should be on that bear, on the bear's every move.

But many times (and in my experience, almost every time) there is no bear.

Maybe there is no mountain. It it just a grain of sand which I have given so much of my attention that it now is filling my entire field of view. I've brought it that close.

How can we put our problems back into perspective?

Look up.

At times it seems almost as if there is someone trying to scare us into a constant state of fight-or-flight, freezing us into inaction, blindness, and non-living.

What happens when the bear goes away? We take a breath. Another way to say it: we receive breath; we let it go deeper.

Other things happen, too: the aperture of our sight expands — we let more light in; our hearing changes — we let more sound in... we begin taking in more of the life that surrounds us. We become receptive to life again. We let it go deeper.

Maybe there is someone trying to stop us from living. Maybe it's us.

Maybe there is also someone trying to bring us back to life — to wake us up to all that is here for us.

That grain of sand can grow to block out all of the light. And from under the mountain it can feel impossible to see or hear or breathe... but it's power to grow is given. It is given by us. This same power is available to put it back in its place.

You have the power to move this mountain.

The first step can be done right now: Look up.

Time is not running out.
There is not someone chasing you down.
You are not going to drown.

There is so much for you here.

Look up

There is so much for you here