Life is uncontrolled movement.

Living it is letting go, and allowing life to flow unrestricted.

Allowing life to flow—this outside force, unpredictable and independent, a force which seems to just want to speed up and up—can sometimes feel like a bad idea.
When things feel out of control, we want to hold on, not let go.

But is "out of control" really the feeling we're so afraid of?
Or could it be that the feeling we really want to avoid is feeling out of our control?
There's a difference.
If no one is at the wheel, that's one thing...

What is this "outside force?"
Is it loving? Kind? Where is it taking us?

Deep in our soul, we wonder if letting go is really such a bad idea. We wonder if it could lead to the very thing we want the most:


Life is offering to take us on an adventure.
To accept, we have to let go.

Letting go requires trust. Faith.
Trust implies risk.
And our fear of losing what we have often causes us to hold on.

I'm tired of holding on.

And I'm tired of making my own movement. Aren't you?

We pull ourselves along the rough ground by our strength and grit, our knees bleeding and our wings dragging. A crusty, fabricated manner of "movement." Void of faith or flight. It's exhausting and painful. But at least we're in control.

A bird soars with nothing around—seemingly suspended in the air. Soaring without trying.

The movement we truly long for will not come by our own volition.
The movement we long for will come through cooperation.

Life is uncontrolled movement.

Life moves us when we let go.

Life is Uncontrolled Movement

Life Moves Us When We Let Go 🌬️🦅